Stoneax Support ring crusher spare parts used to ore and Rock cone breaker

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مكان المنشأ: جيانغسو، الصين
اسم العلامة التجارية: Stoneax
إصدار الشهادات: ISO9001
الحد الأدنى لكمية: 5 PCS
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وقت التسليم: 14 يوما
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cone crusher spare parts,jaw crusher wear parts


jaw crusher wear parts

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Casting Lead Bronze(GB/T1176-1987)

Number Main features Applications
ZCuPb10Sn10 Lubrication performance, wear resistance and corrosion resistant performance is good, suitable for bimetal casting materials Surface pressure is high, and there is the lateral pressure of the sliding bearing, such as rolling rolling, vehicle use bearing, load peaks 60 mpa hit parts, as well as the highest peak of 100 mpa bimetallic bearing bush of the internal combustion engine, and the piston pin sets, lining, etc
ZCuPb15Sn8 Under the condition of lack of lubricant and use water quality lubricants, sliding and lubricating, free cutting, casting performance is poor, for dilute sulfuric acid corrosion resistant performance is good Surface pressure is high, and the lateral pressure of bearing, copper cooling pipe can be made from cold rolling mill, impact resistance load of up to 50 mpa parts, internal combustion engines of bimetallic bearing, mainly used for the biggest load of 70 mpa of piston pin set, acid-proof accessories
ZCuPb20Sn5 At higher sliding performance, in the absence of a lubricating medium and water as medium are particularly good self-lubricating performance suitable for bimetal casting material, sulfuric acid corrosion resistance, easy cutting, casting performance is poor High sliding speed of the bearing, and crusher, water pump, cold rolling mill bearings, piston pin load of 70 mpa
ZCuPb30 Have good self-lubrication, free cutting, casting performance is poor, easy to produce the gravity segregation High sliding velocity of bimetallic bearing shell, wearing parts, etc


Casting brass bushings(GB/T1176-1987)

Number Main property Application
ZCuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3 With high mechanical properties, the casting performance is good, good corrosion resistance, has a tendency to stress corrosion cracking, can welding Suitable for high strength, wear parts, such as bridge plate, nut, screw, wear-resistant plate, the slider, and worm gear, etc
ZCuZn26Al4Fe3Mn3 With high mechanical properties, the casting performance is good, in the air, water, and seawater corrosion resistance is good, can be welded Require high strength, corrosion resistant parts
ZCuZn38Mn2Pb2 Have higher mechanical properties and good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, good cutting performance General purpose structure, ship, instrument appearance, simple casting using such as sleeve, sleeve, bearings, slider, etc
ZCuZn40Mn3Fe1 With high mechanical properties, good casting properties and machinability, and in the air, water, and water has good corrosion resistance, has a tendency to stress corrosion cracking Seawater corrosion parts, pipe fittings and under 300 °C, manufacturing and other large Marine propeller castings
ZCuZn33Pb2 Structural material, feed temperature is 90 °C when good oxidation resistance, electrical conductivity of about 10 ~ 14 ms/m The shell of gas and water supply equipment, machinery manufacturing, electronics, precision instruments and optical instruments of component parts

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